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Absolutely, completely, utterly, F***ING, FRUSTRATED

Dear Friends,

Today is a day for the record books.  It will indeed have to be a three-part entry.  It is AN EPIC FAILURE FOR THE EDUCATION SYSTEM. For the first part know that I drove TWO HOURS for a potential interview.  That is the beginning of this torturous tale.

For now I must go on a very, very, very, long run, to gain a little composure.

That being said…when I came home, ready to rant, I signed into WordPress. I came across this talented writer, who made me laugh after a HELLISH morning.  As a fellow writer, I wanted to point you all her way.  Do take a look at Sarah Leaps, as I found it delightfully funny, particularly inspiring, and, after the day I’ve had it makes me want to do my own version of the freelance hustle.     



Ms. Sub






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