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It was a Tuesday, seventh period ISS duty.  Anyone who has half a brain cell that works in the building knows that this particular duty is torturous.  Unfortunately for Ms. Presley, she drew the short straw that day.  One child in particular, lets call him Rylan, happened to be in ISS duty that period.  Rylan is notorious for just being incorrigible. It’s as if the administration puts him in ISS just to torture the poor teachers who find themselves there.  Anyway, Rylan was working on a social studies project, when he blatantly displayed his chauvinistic tendencies.

Rylan: “Yo Ms. P, this whole women having rights thing is just r*tarded.”

Ms. Presley: “Ummm excuse me Rylan?”

Rylan: “Yeah, I don’t think women should have rights.”

Ms. Presley:  “Rylan you shouldn’t say things like that.”

Rylan: “Why? Who cares…it’s true.  Women shouldn’t say things like that.”

Ms. Presley: “Uh, Ryan, you realize I’m a woman right?”

Rylan: “Yeah, you are.  And you look like a troll too. More of a reason not to give you rights.”

Nothing like paid abuse huh?


Ms. Sub


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