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The Tale of the Sub Who Was Locked Out of the Classroom

I was recently out to dinner with some friends, talking shop.  (Speaking about schools and what we do). One friend reminded me how they too tortured substitutes when they were in high school, (if they decided not to like the sub).  She was reminded of Mrs. Tuck.  They locked Mrs. Tuck out of the classroom once, and she, a substitute, the lowest person on the education totem pole, had to go ask the security guards to let her back in the classroom.

Then they did it again.

And, Mrs. Tuck, for fear of termination and eternal embarrassment by her colleagues, climbed back into the room, via the window.

Oh teenagers and the ways they torture us!


Ms. Sub


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Hoochie coochie junderwear!

Hello Friends!

Ok, so yes, it is summer.  But unfortunately, the junderwears are still rampant.  Which, got me thinking about the dress code issues that SHOULD be in place at the schools that I have seen about, worked in, etcetera.  My fellow co-workers and I were discussing this as of late, and we remember when we were in school, and there was a dress code that was inforced.  We did not go to a parochial school, (there were no uniforms in our educational past).  We are public school children through and through, and proud of it! We went to a wonderful high school, and had an amazing education.  That being said, if we chose to wear something inappropriate, (lets say junderwear for example), and we managed to get past the watchful eyes of our parents, or we were slick enough to change in the bathroom at school, the administration made us change into our physical education clothes.  Our shorts could not come above the tips of our fingers when our hands were at our sides, and our shirts could have nothing inappropriate about hem as well.  I for one think that this should be reinforced.  I look at some of these kids sometimes and it makes ME uncomfortable, I cannot even IMAGINE what my male co-workers are feeling!

I’m curious to know what you all think!


Ms. Sub

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It was a Tuesday, seventh period ISS duty.  Anyone who has half a brain cell that works in the building knows that this particular duty is torturous.  Unfortunately for Ms. Presley, she drew the short straw that day.  One child in particular, lets call him Rylan, happened to be in ISS duty that period.  Rylan is notorious for just being incorrigible. It’s as if the administration puts him in ISS just to torture the poor teachers who find themselves there.  Anyway, Rylan was working on a social studies project, when he blatantly displayed his chauvinistic tendencies.

Rylan: “Yo Ms. P, this whole women having rights thing is just r*tarded.”

Ms. Presley: “Ummm excuse me Rylan?”

Rylan: “Yeah, I don’t think women should have rights.”

Ms. Presley:  “Rylan you shouldn’t say things like that.”

Rylan: “Why? Who cares…it’s true.  Women shouldn’t say things like that.”

Ms. Presley: “Uh, Ryan, you realize I’m a woman right?”

Rylan: “Yeah, you are.  And you look like a troll too. More of a reason not to give you rights.”

Nothing like paid abuse huh?


Ms. Sub

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– noun

Jean shorts that are popular with young females, but they are so short that they should be sold as underwear, not shorts. Please see photo below.

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Mickey Mouse is dead.

I was subbing for an eighth grade social studies class.  The teacher used a stuffed Mickey Mouse as the pass.

One little cherub apparently had some pent-up aggression towards Mickey.

He then made a paper noose…

…Took some thumbtacks….

….and hung Mickey, from the cork board in the back of the room.  With thumbtacks strategically placed over ears, hands, and…em…genital area.


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Notice the feces consumption...and yes, this was a HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH CLASS.

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It’s been some times since I have had the pleasure of working the ISS room dear friends.  And, no, it does not stand for In School Socialization, but rather it is supposed to be the acronym for IN SCHOOL SUSPENSION.  One would think that it’s a form of punishment, yes?


I walked in sixth period, and there were four students,two girls and two boys.

The boys were completing the work that was assigned to them from their teachers.

The girls were doing work….along with have a junk food fest.  I’m talking chips, bottles of soda, bags of candy…it was like a diabetic’s nightmare. BUT, they were doing work, quietly.  Fine.

Fast forward….


They are supposed to be completing a vocabulary test.

I give them the test….tell them to sit on opposite sides of the room…and complete it.

The response?

“I’m not doing that.”

No? Ok fine, I guess you get a zero.  The response?

“Fine give it to me.” Boy #1 Then proceeded to HAND IT TO ONE OF THE GIRLS AND ASK HER TO DO IT FOR HIM.

Scary part? She did.

And after the incredulous stares, the warnings, the recommendations to STOP CHEATING AND DO IT SOLO….

They continued to cheat.

Sometimes I wonder if I speak English….

Anyway, I spoke to the teacher, and they got a zero.

Sad part? I don’t think they’ll learn from their mistakes….

* During this time…another boy was brought in by security.

I asked him, where are you supposed to be? Business marketing.

Why aren’t you there?

I’m not going to class, I hate it.

So what, you just came here, to the suspension room, ON YOUR OWN?

Well, yeah, I mean, security knows to bring me here, cause I just won’t go to class.


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