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College Bound on the Greyhound

Over the past couple of days I have seen so many of my students in town, preparing to leave for COLLEGE!

#1 It makes me feel so old that they’re all leaving for their freshman years.

#2 It make me so proud that they’ve gotten themselves to this point, many of these kids never thought that they would graduate high school let alone go to college.

Kudos to you all, you’ve made me so proud!


Ms. Sub


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The Letter of Doom, Gloom, and UTTER INSANITY

Dear Substitute,
(We use the word substitute because it will take too much ink and money to actually spell out your last name)

It is now August, and we hope your summer was good. ¬†Even though we, as an administration, never acknowledged your hard work all year, left you out of the long list of “thank-you’s” that we gave to the entire faculty AND STAFF of the whole building at the end of the year meeting, we’re writing to you now.

We are writing to you, now, at the beginning of August for a very specific reason.

Even though you have worked for our district for the past three years, even though you have been walked on, and underappreciated, and have been treated as though you are an insignificant fly on the wall of the school, we are mandating that you come in for an interview.

Bring your portfolio. Wear your best shoes. And be prepared to beg for your job back.

It makes us happy to see you squirm.

Yours Truly,

Your Administration

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