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Part sub – part teach – part locomotion

I wonder if there will be a day when I can actually teach at one school, have health insurance, and make a decent paycheck.  Let’s be clear that I’m not looking for a short cut, an “easy job”, or anything of the sort.  I went to school for four years.  I went to an unbelievably expensive graduate school for another two.  (Did anyone twist my arm on that? No. But did I think it would be almost IMPOSSIBLE to find a full-time job teaching? NO.)  I followed the rules.  I did what I was supposed to do.  I put THE TIME IN…and yet…well, part sub/part-teach/part loco…motion?

I will be subbing in a new district soon. Joy.

I am teaching part-time, and that actually does give me true joy.

I will constantly be writing, moving, and looking for ways to keep my head above water.  Constant movement is the name of the game people!

One day, I will look back on this and laugh.

One day…


Ms. Sub 



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So, during Superintendent Conference Day, the faculty was asked to “listen” to students when they get out of hand, rather than “reprimand”.  We are to “ignore” outbursts.

SO…if a child decides to tell you to “F*#k off,” you are to ask the child, “Now, why did you say that? Can’t we think of something nicer to say?”


Oh my, my, my….


Ms. Sub


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IT’S COMINGGGGGG (Insert Jaws Theme here)

What’s coming?


Alas, it is September 1st, and if your little cherubs are not back in school yet, they will be soon.

For all you teachers out there, “Happy School Year”.

For all you parents out there, “Happy School Year”.

For all you substitutes out there,”180 days and counting”.



Ms. Sub

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We’re DOWN, we’re BLEEDING, and you kick us in the GUT…

May I refer you to The Letter of Doom, Gloom, and utter INSANITY.

Two colleagues of mine, were unable to attend the “informal interview”, due to, oh, I don’t know…SUMMER VACATION PLANS.  They rescheduled for the following week.  These are substitutes that have been with the district for years.  These are substitutes that have NEVER complained, NEVER vented, two substitutes that the students adore, admire, and RESPECT.

Today, they received a phone call from middle administration, telling them that they would not be getting their jobs up.  According to Principal X, “The Superintendents would like fresh faces in the schools.”


Just when I thought I couldn’t be anymore disgusted than I already am….this happens.

Sub B and D you’re wonderful. You’re fantastic. Just know that, some things, are a blessing in disguise.


Ms. Sub

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To “My Kids”…

The one shining beacon, the one glimmer of hope in my career nowadays, has often been the evening school classes I teach.  No, it is not a fancy salary position.  No, I do not get dental or health insurance.


Oh, how they make me proud. And yes, sometimes they make me scream.  But they make me laugh, and they make me want to be a better teacher.  They challenge me to think beyond anything that any M.A. class ever taught me, and, they make me want to be a better teacher.  Because of them, I am forever the student as well, for just as I teach them, they teach me as well.

I just received word that they all passed their state exams…Oh how you all have made me proud.

To my students, my “kids” – 
You have made me so proud.  Thank you.
Ms. Sub

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It amazes me all the things chidlren can occupy themsevles with in a computer lab.
Who knew rolling computer chairs could provide endless hours of entertainment????
I must’ve said:
“Don’t go on You Tube
Stop play computer games.
….a thousand times.

It also amazes me, when, a student will have a computer problem.  The computer will be frozen, locked, or will not turn on. There are THREE UNOCCUPIED COMPUTERS next to said student, and yet, they will ask…
“What do I do?”



Really people?

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Notice the feces consumption...and yes, this was a HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH CLASS.

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