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We’re DOWN, we’re BLEEDING, and you kick us in the GUT…

May I refer you to The Letter of Doom, Gloom, and utter INSANITY.

Two colleagues of mine, were unable to attend the “informal interview”, due to, oh, I don’t know…SUMMER VACATION PLANS.  They rescheduled for the following week.  These are substitutes that have been with the district for years.  These are substitutes that have NEVER complained, NEVER vented, two substitutes that the students adore, admire, and RESPECT.

Today, they received a phone call from middle administration, telling them that they would not be getting their jobs up.  According to Principal X, “The Superintendents would like fresh faces in the schools.”


Just when I thought I couldn’t be anymore disgusted than I already am….this happens.

Sub B and D you’re wonderful. You’re fantastic. Just know that, some things, are a blessing in disguise.


Ms. Sub


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It was a Tuesday, seventh period ISS duty.  Anyone who has half a brain cell that works in the building knows that this particular duty is torturous.  Unfortunately for Ms. Presley, she drew the short straw that day.  One child in particular, lets call him Rylan, happened to be in ISS duty that period.  Rylan is notorious for just being incorrigible. It’s as if the administration puts him in ISS just to torture the poor teachers who find themselves there.  Anyway, Rylan was working on a social studies project, when he blatantly displayed his chauvinistic tendencies.

Rylan: “Yo Ms. P, this whole women having rights thing is just r*tarded.”

Ms. Presley: “Ummm excuse me Rylan?”

Rylan: “Yeah, I don’t think women should have rights.”

Ms. Presley:  “Rylan you shouldn’t say things like that.”

Rylan: “Why? Who cares…it’s true.  Women shouldn’t say things like that.”

Ms. Presley: “Uh, Ryan, you realize I’m a woman right?”

Rylan: “Yeah, you are.  And you look like a troll too. More of a reason not to give you rights.”

Nothing like paid abuse huh?


Ms. Sub

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Mickey Mouse is dead.

I was subbing for an eighth grade social studies class.  The teacher used a stuffed Mickey Mouse as the pass.

One little cherub apparently had some pent-up aggression towards Mickey.

He then made a paper noose…

…Took some thumbtacks….

….and hung Mickey, from the cork board in the back of the room.  With thumbtacks strategically placed over ears, hands, and…em…genital area.


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Courtesy of Ms. Lynne….

Grade level: 8th

Subject matter: English

Assignment given: Read story out of textbook. Answer questions.

Piece of cake, yes?


After Ms. Lynne gives the assignment and walks back to her desk….one of the boys immediately raises his hand.

“Ummmmm Ms. Lynne, I think I need a new book.”

Ms. Lynne walks over to the book, sees that it has been defaced with a variety of genital drawings, and gives the student a new book.  As she is walking away from the desk, the student says,” I don’t understand why people always draw b@lls with hair on them….mine have none.”

I do believe Ms. Lynne just gained some more gray hair.


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Ms. R

My dear sweet friend, and fellow substitute, Ms. R had an interesting experience today, that I thought many of you would find amusing.

I was heating up my lunch in the locker room, and she bursts through the door….

“OK, tell me what you think I should do…”


“So, Johnny just came into the class, and pretended like he had no  pants on.”

“Lovely! Johnny also just stole a chair from the 76 year old hall monitor.”

“Write him up?”

“Write it up.”


No pants, stealing chairs, what’s next kids, what’s next…..?

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I remember when…

There was this time, a mere two and half years ago….I was enrolled in a teacher preparation program in New York City. I was getting my MASTERS. I was pumped.  I was on top of the world.  I had actually commuted from my childhood home to the NYC, with the intention of graduating, getting a job, and then buying my own place. Simple yes? HA! Little did I know…..that the job market would be horrendous.  That everyone and their grandmother would be trying to get a teacher job, that New York City would actually put a FREEZE on hiring new teachers.  A FREEZE!!! I had just devoted a year of my life to teaching in the big apple – it had my sweat, my creativity, my blood, my tears, and all the money I had ever saved in my entire life. BUT, that wasn’t good enough for the powers that be in regards to education – I wasn’t in the “system” as a teacher, but rather a student teacher.  Which basically means that the lovely city got a year of work from me, for free….and I got SCREWED.

And yet, I was determined to get a job.  The city didn’t need me? FINE.  I’ll go elsewhere.  Long Island here I come! I don’t can’t where, I’ll travel. I’ll work. I’m DYING TO teach. So I began the lovely task of mass mailing.  Constantly. Incessantly. Over and over and over and over again.   And what was the light at the end of that tunnel?

……..Substitute teacher.

Tell me friends, what do YOU remember?  😉

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