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A Tales of Substitution NOTICE

Hello Beautiful People,

The past few weeks have been rather chaotic.  Yes, I do have that part-time teaching gig. Yes, I am pursuing a variety of writing and arts related projects, and yes, I am still subbing.  As most of you already know, I’m subbing in a different district. A mere two days a week here at there. I subbed today. And my brain is now mush, it is now scrambled eggs, it is, mierda. For those of you who need a translation on mierda, well, I will address that in the next post, (tomorrow). Hopefully bt then, my brain cells will be restored to normal. Hopefully.  I’m also in the process of transferring this blog to tumblr. (I think.)  Any feedback on that will be GREATLY appreciated.

Until then…in the act of shameless self promotion, do be sure to check out “The Write Teacher”, it is more…positive than this rant.

Stay well my friends, stay well.


Ms. Sub 


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Simple Math.

In some districts, far, far, far, far, far, FAR, away….substitute teachers are not treated like they are the grime that feeds off of the scum that has found itself on the bottom of your shoe.  In FACT, they are given RESPECT. They’re APPRECIATED.



A full day of classes, for those of you that do not know, is:

5 classes

2 preps

1 duty

1 lunch.

5 + 2 + 1 + 1 = 9 period day.

Now, in our lovely little world, we get paid EIGHTY FIVE DOLLARS, but in these wonderful far off district lands, they actually make 150 a day.  Imagine what that would be like? What that would feel like? Whatever would I do with all that CASH. Hey, maybe I could actually afford rent….gas….a new car….

A sub can dream, can’t they?


xo Ms. Sub

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Ringing from above…

Come with me friends, to another school.

Lets call it….Academy of Wealthsnob.

Academy of Wealthsnob has many students, who are, as you might assume, wealthy.

Picture it –

A fifth period AP French class.  A new sub, excited to be teaching at the Academy of Wealthsnob.

What happens next you might ask?

The Academy of Wealthsnob students see this new, bright – eyed, naive substitute…and pounce.

What do they do you might ask?

They HIDE.

What do they hide you might ask?


And proceed to call the phones in the ceiling, from the ones that are still in the hands of the cherubic little students that are still in class.

Welcome to Academy of Wealth new substitute, WELCOME.

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It amazes me all the things chidlren can occupy themsevles with in a computer lab.
Who knew rolling computer chairs could provide endless hours of entertainment????
I must’ve said:
“Don’t go on You Tube
Stop play computer games.
….a thousand times.

It also amazes me, when, a student will have a computer problem.  The computer will be frozen, locked, or will not turn on. There are THREE UNOCCUPIED COMPUTERS next to said student, and yet, they will ask…
“What do I do?”



Really people?

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SnOw DaY

Here’s the thing about snow days for subs…

Many teachers, principals, administrators, many students, many people, enjoy a SNOW DAY.

A pleasant little surprise in the middle of the work week.

A cozy day on the couch, watching movies.

Many people enjoy this….because they ALSO GET PAID.

Do substitutes get paid for this gift of nature?

Absolutely NOT.

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It’s eighth period on a Monday.  I’m tired. The kids are tired, everyone’s tired.  The beloved teacher that I had to cover for promised a movie for this particular class – Fiction Workshop, (an elective).  Naturally, the students were excited to come into class on a Monday, BECAUSE THEY EXPECTED A MOVIE.

They then realized, jokes on you kids! No movie today!!! Instead, you get to write a three page paper with THE SUBSTITUTE.

Thank you my dear colleague, for once again throwing me to the wolves.

One student, a female, approaches the desk.  Lets call her Melissa.

Melissa: Ummmmm can I like, go next door?

Me: What’s next door?

Melissa:  Ummm like Ms. Grassa’s room?

Me: So WHY do you need to go next door?

Melissa: Ummmmmm cause like, I’m good?

Me: UMMMMMMMMMM NICE TRY.  Sit down and do your work.


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I remember when…

There was this time, a mere two and half years ago….I was enrolled in a teacher preparation program in New York City. I was getting my MASTERS. I was pumped.  I was on top of the world.  I had actually commuted from my childhood home to the NYC, with the intention of graduating, getting a job, and then buying my own place. Simple yes? HA! Little did I know…..that the job market would be horrendous.  That everyone and their grandmother would be trying to get a teacher job, that New York City would actually put a FREEZE on hiring new teachers.  A FREEZE!!! I had just devoted a year of my life to teaching in the big apple – it had my sweat, my creativity, my blood, my tears, and all the money I had ever saved in my entire life. BUT, that wasn’t good enough for the powers that be in regards to education – I wasn’t in the “system” as a teacher, but rather a student teacher.  Which basically means that the lovely city got a year of work from me, for free….and I got SCREWED.

And yet, I was determined to get a job.  The city didn’t need me? FINE.  I’ll go elsewhere.  Long Island here I come! I don’t can’t where, I’ll travel. I’ll work. I’m DYING TO teach. So I began the lovely task of mass mailing.  Constantly. Incessantly. Over and over and over and over again.   And what was the light at the end of that tunnel?

……..Substitute teacher.

Tell me friends, what do YOU remember?  😉

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