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Pencil in the a&%!

This post, is dedicated to another dear friend of mine, and a fellow substitute, Christina.

Picture it –

Seventh grade spanish class.

8th Period


A male student, Mikey, waltzes into the room.  First thing out of his mouth?

Mikey: “I didn’t take my medicine today – WATCH OUT.”

Christina, (Ms. C): That’s just lovely.

Mikey cannot sit still. He cannot stay in his seat.  He’s up, he’s down, he’s everywhere but where he should be.  Ms. C separates him from the rest of the class.  Somehow, Mikey gets into a tube of sparkles that one of his female classmates has.  Naturally the sparkles are ALL OVER THE FLOOR.  Mikey gets in even more trouble, and then proceeds to drop a pencil on the floor, over and over and over again.  Making that kerplunking sound.

Ms. C makes Mikey now sit by the teacher’s desk, in a last attempt to control Mikey.

Ms. C is helping a student with his classwork.

Picture it – She is standing up, leaning over the students work….and….


Pencil. Pelted. At. Ms. C’s rear end.

Mikey: Hahahahaha I threw a pencil at your butt!!!!! I threw a pencil at your butt!!!!!

Lovely right?


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