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It was a Tuesday, seventh period ISS duty.  Anyone who has half a brain cell that works in the building knows that this particular duty is torturous.  Unfortunately for Ms. Presley, she drew the short straw that day.  One child in particular, lets call him Rylan, happened to be in ISS duty that period.  Rylan is notorious for just being incorrigible. It’s as if the administration puts him in ISS just to torture the poor teachers who find themselves there.  Anyway, Rylan was working on a social studies project, when he blatantly displayed his chauvinistic tendencies.

Rylan: “Yo Ms. P, this whole women having rights thing is just r*tarded.”

Ms. Presley: “Ummm excuse me Rylan?”

Rylan: “Yeah, I don’t think women should have rights.”

Ms. Presley:  “Rylan you shouldn’t say things like that.”

Rylan: “Why? Who cares…it’s true.  Women shouldn’t say things like that.”

Ms. Presley: “Uh, Ryan, you realize I’m a woman right?”

Rylan: “Yeah, you are.  And you look like a troll too. More of a reason not to give you rights.”

Nothing like paid abuse huh?


Ms. Sub


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It’s been some times since I have had the pleasure of working the ISS room dear friends.  And, no, it does not stand for In School Socialization, but rather it is supposed to be the acronym for IN SCHOOL SUSPENSION.  One would think that it’s a form of punishment, yes?


I walked in sixth period, and there were four students,two girls and two boys.

The boys were completing the work that was assigned to them from their teachers.

The girls were doing work….along with have a junk food fest.  I’m talking chips, bottles of soda, bags of candy…it was like a diabetic’s nightmare. BUT, they were doing work, quietly.  Fine.

Fast forward….


They are supposed to be completing a vocabulary test.

I give them the test….tell them to sit on opposite sides of the room…and complete it.

The response?

“I’m not doing that.”

No? Ok fine, I guess you get a zero.  The response?

“Fine give it to me.” Boy #1 Then proceeded to HAND IT TO ONE OF THE GIRLS AND ASK HER TO DO IT FOR HIM.

Scary part? She did.

And after the incredulous stares, the warnings, the recommendations to STOP CHEATING AND DO IT SOLO….

They continued to cheat.

Sometimes I wonder if I speak English….

Anyway, I spoke to the teacher, and they got a zero.

Sad part? I don’t think they’ll learn from their mistakes….

* During this time…another boy was brought in by security.

I asked him, where are you supposed to be? Business marketing.

Why aren’t you there?

I’m not going to class, I hate it.

So what, you just came here, to the suspension room, ON YOUR OWN?

Well, yeah, I mean, security knows to bring me here, cause I just won’t go to class.


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Elle Marie

Picture it –

It’s second period.

There’s an in-school conference going on, so my fellow substitute, (Denise), and I are covering a ninth grade class.

There’s a simple assignment for the rowdy bunch – READ. QUIETLY…. and nobody gets hurt. HA.

Do they listen?


And one little cherubic freshman proved to be more of a problem than the rest.

Elle Marie, well, she decided that she was too good to be in class.  She NEEDED to go talk to another teacher in the school. It was an emergency  you see.  So she asked Denise, (who is by far MUCH nicer than I am).  Correction – she didn’t ASK Denise if she could go, she DEMANDED that she was allowed to go.  I then called down to the teacher that Elle Marie NEEDEd to go to, to see if he was avaiable to talk to this lovely student.  He told me to send her down, but to also stress to her that he only had ten minutes, and then she would have to go to class.  I relayed the message, and Elle Marie walked out of the class as Denise was writing her a pass.  Such a sweet, well-manered, lovely child.

Roughly 20 MINUTES LATER….

Mr. P calls, (the teacher who Elle Marie needed to say).  He wants to know when the hell I’m going to send Elle Marie down, cause he needs to go to the conference.  SEND HER DOWN?!?!?!??! I SENT HER DOWN 20 MINUTES AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE IS THIS CHILD?


Elle Marie decides to grace us with her presence.  She just waltzes into the class, as if she’s done nothing wrong.  Denise and I tell her to come over to the desk….


Elle Marie, I’m going to give you thirty seconds to tell us why you think we’re upset with you.


WHAT. I didn’t do anything.


REALLY??!?!??! So you were where you were supposed to be?


She glares at us.  And then proceeds to tell us…

I needed to go see another teacher! Ok? So get off my back. You guys need to freaking relax.


Naturally my blood pressure starts to boil. RELAX?!?!?!? DID THIS CHILD JUST TELL TWO ADULTS, TWO EDUCATORS TO RELAX?!?!?!?

Well Elle Marie, just tell us who the other teacher was, and all’s  forgiven..


NO, I don’t have to, and you can’t tell me what to do.  Seriously you people need to chill out.


Again, my blood pressure skyrocketed.  But luckily, the teacher I’m covering walks back into the room.

Ah Mrs. Reenay! I’m so HAPPY to see you.  I have so much to tell you about the work that your students did, and you must be filled in on what Elle Marie accomplished…..:)

Tell me friends, what do YOU do when your blood pressure boils?

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