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BREAKING NIGHT – A must read for students, parents, and the entire human race.

Watch Liz Murray speak about her book, Breaking Night. But what’s more important is to read her book, BREAKING NIGHT.  It’s inspiring, it’s uplifting, it will take you on emotional roller coaster, it will make you appreciate everything you have, and allow you to dream for everything you hope to be.  This is going to be a must read for any and every high school class I ever teach.


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My new blog inspiration – “Classroom as Microcosm”

Hello Friends!

This weekend I’ve been doing a tremendous amount of writing, reading, and research.  Although my stories are always about the insanity that goes on in the districts I’ve been in, or heard about, I’d like to take the time to refer you to a blog I stumbled upon – “Classroom as Microcosm”

This blogger was so uplifting, inspiring, and genuinely made me laugh!

Because, as the author, Siobhan Curious says, Teachers are People too! 

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