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Today was a lovely day.

Fast forward to ninth period…where I only had two students, (the rest were on a field trip).  Easy breezy….right?

The first student, Kristina, gets there and IMMEDIATELY asks to go to the cafeteria.

“Ms. M….I’m DYING of thirst! I’m DYING of hunger! I don’t have a lunch period, I NEED to go to the cafeteria. Or else…I’ll DIE!,” Kristina says.

As I walk to the computer to take attedance to pull up her schedule, I ask her, “Kristina, you don’t have a lunch period? Really? HOW COME?

Clearly the kid sees that I’m looking at her schedule.  And, it clearly states that she DOES have a lunch period, in bold faced print.

Panicing, she tells me, “Well I mean, I do actually have a lunch period, I just never go because I’m going to extra help all the time.  Like today, I went to see Ms. Fiesti.”

Little does she know, that I KNOW that Ms. Fiesti WAS NOT IN SCHOOL TODAY.  A friend and fellow sub, WAS COVERING HER CLASSES.

“Really Kristina?  You were at Ms. Fiesti’s for extra help? Are you sure about that? Are you REALLY SURE ABOUT THAT? Why don’t we walk to the computer lab, LIKE WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING BEFORE YOU TRIED TO GET OUT OF CLASS, and you can think long and hard about whether or not you were REALLY with Ms. Fiesti.”

Nice try…..but we adults, we always catch you…that’s why WE’RE THE TEACHERS.



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