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Superman Isn’t Supposed to Die.

Forgive me friends, for I have not written in some time…. 

Yesterday  was Valentine’s Day, and although it was a holiday, in light of recent events it seemed appropriate to take a pause…

We lost a student yesterday.

A young life gone in an instant, just like that. It seems to me that death is always tough, but when it is a child, well, it just hurts the hearts of those around him or her just a little bit more.  You start to think of all the things that they could have been, would’ve been, and what should have happened.

It makes me wonder if we, as adults are doing something wrong.  It makes me wonder why it seems to me like the children of the younger generation are so hard, it makes me wonder why they feel like they have to grow up so quickly, to experiment so recklessly, to live so fearlessly.  It makes me wonder.

He should have lived to the age where it was legal to drink.

He should have lived to graduate high school with the rest of his class.

He should have lived to get married.

He should have lived to have his own kids.

He should have lived to do the things he dreamed of doing.

He should have lived to get the chance to fail.

He should have lived to get the chance to succeed.

He should have lived to experience it all.

He should have lived.



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