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Absolutely, completely, utterly, f***ing frustrated….PART III

So, let’s refresh…

First – Contacted, TWICE about Theater teacher position.

Second – Left message confirming interview time.

Third – Drove TWO HOURS to said school.

Four – Security guards laughed, “sweetheart there’s nobody there.”

Fifth – Trudged up three flights of stairs.

Sixth – Confronted with a rat, but alas, THERE WAS NOBODY IN THE DAMN SCHOOL.

Seventh – Spoke to a wonderful Principal, Principal Bee.  He said, “Would you like me to call Mr. Sha?”

Eighth – He called Mr. Sha. Mr. Sha would like to speak to ME.

Ninth –
Ms. Sub – “Hello Mr. Sha, this is Ms. Sub.  We had an appointment at 11:30….?”
Mr. Sha – “A Ms. Sub, there seems to be a Misunderstanding.”
Ms. Sub – ” A misunderstanding?”
Mr. Sha – “Ah, yes, ummm I meant to call you from your message yesterday.  We filled the position.”

In the effort to channel my rage, dissatisfaction, and complete and utter DISGUST with the  NYCDOE, I went to write.  A post from Mr. Foteah put a smile on my face, and strengthened the inspiration and the determination that I once had in my heart.  Thank you fellow teacher.



Ms. Sub


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Absolutely, utterly, completely, f***ing frustrated…PART II

So…..may I remind you of the part one of this saga:

I drove, two hours from my home, for an interview.  One of my certifications, is in theater.  This is not a common job opportunity in todays economic crisis.  Nevertheless, it is my passion, my love, my joy.  So I drove two hours from my home, to this potential job interview that was scheduled for 11:30 am. The janitors, and security guards in the building looked at me like I had ten heads when I told them who I was going to meet.  The head guard told me, “Ummm….I haven’t seen Mr. X all day ma’am, but you’re welcome to look. Go on up.”

I went up.

It was a ghost town.



Ms. Sub

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I remember when…

There was this time, a mere two and half years ago….I was enrolled in a teacher preparation program in New York City. I was getting my MASTERS. I was pumped.  I was on top of the world.  I had actually commuted from my childhood home to the NYC, with the intention of graduating, getting a job, and then buying my own place. Simple yes? HA! Little did I know…..that the job market would be horrendous.  That everyone and their grandmother would be trying to get a teacher job, that New York City would actually put a FREEZE on hiring new teachers.  A FREEZE!!! I had just devoted a year of my life to teaching in the big apple – it had my sweat, my creativity, my blood, my tears, and all the money I had ever saved in my entire life. BUT, that wasn’t good enough for the powers that be in regards to education – I wasn’t in the “system” as a teacher, but rather a student teacher.  Which basically means that the lovely city got a year of work from me, for free….and I got SCREWED.

And yet, I was determined to get a job.  The city didn’t need me? FINE.  I’ll go elsewhere.  Long Island here I come! I don’t can’t where, I’ll travel. I’ll work. I’m DYING TO teach. So I began the lovely task of mass mailing.  Constantly. Incessantly. Over and over and over and over again.   And what was the light at the end of that tunnel?

……..Substitute teacher.

Tell me friends, what do YOU remember?  😉

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