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It’s eighth period on a Monday.  I’m tired. The kids are tired, everyone’s tired.  The beloved teacher that I had to cover for promised a movie for this particular class – Fiction Workshop, (an elective).  Naturally, the students were excited to come into class on a Monday, BECAUSE THEY EXPECTED A MOVIE.

They then realized, jokes on you kids! No movie today!!! Instead, you get to write a three page paper with THE SUBSTITUTE.

Thank you my dear colleague, for once again throwing me to the wolves.

One student, a female, approaches the desk.  Lets call her Melissa.

Melissa: Ummmmm can I like, go next door?

Me: What’s next door?

Melissa:  Ummm like Ms. Grassa’s room?

Me: So WHY do you need to go next door?

Melissa: Ummmmmm cause like, I’m good?

Me: UMMMMMMMMMM NICE TRY.  Sit down and do your work.



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