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Hoochie coochie junderwear!

Hello Friends!

Ok, so yes, it is summer.  But unfortunately, the junderwears are still rampant.  Which, got me thinking about the dress code issues that SHOULD be in place at the schools that I have seen about, worked in, etcetera.  My fellow co-workers and I were discussing this as of late, and we remember when we were in school, and there was a dress code that was inforced.  We did not go to a parochial school, (there were no uniforms in our educational past).  We are public school children through and through, and proud of it! We went to a wonderful high school, and had an amazing education.  That being said, if we chose to wear something inappropriate, (lets say junderwear for example), and we managed to get past the watchful eyes of our parents, or we were slick enough to change in the bathroom at school, the administration made us change into our physical education clothes.  Our shorts could not come above the tips of our fingers when our hands were at our sides, and our shirts could have nothing inappropriate about hem as well.  I for one think that this should be reinforced.  I look at some of these kids sometimes and it makes ME uncomfortable, I cannot even IMAGINE what my male co-workers are feeling!

I’m curious to know what you all think!


Ms. Sub


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– noun

Jean shorts that are popular with young females, but they are so short that they should be sold as underwear, not shorts. Please see photo below.

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