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Courtesy of Ms. Lynne….

Grade level: 8th

Subject matter: English

Assignment given: Read story out of textbook. Answer questions.

Piece of cake, yes?


After Ms. Lynne gives the assignment and walks back to her desk….one of the boys immediately raises his hand.

“Ummmmm Ms. Lynne, I think I need a new book.”

Ms. Lynne walks over to the book, sees that it has been defaced with a variety of genital drawings, and gives the student a new book.  As she is walking away from the desk, the student says,” I don’t understand why people always draw b@lls with hair on them….mine have none.”

I do believe Ms. Lynne just gained some more gray hair.



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Ball in your face…?

I’d actually like to dedicate this entry to a very good friend of mine, who also is part of the substitute club.

Schools recently had a long break in December.  It was a lovely time to relax, unwind, and not rise at the crack of dawn.  Yet, sometimes, free time can get rather boring.  Sometimes, if you strive to LIKE what you do, and who you work with, work can be somewhat of a pleasure.  So my friend, we’ll call her Kimberly, well, she was EXCITED to come back to work.

Fast forward to second period….

Another cherubic teenager is once again, not doing what he is supposed to do.  Out of his seat, causing a distraction to his fellow classmates.  Kimberly, well, she asks him to stop. Once, twice, three times. STOP.  So he says fine! I’ll stop…and proceeds to throw the paper ball that he was playing with across the room….

….and it hits her IN THE FACE.  Mere centimeters away from her eye.

She now has a little scratch at the point of contact.  I’d like to call it a battle wound. Now, in the cherubs defense, he was “aiming at the basket”.  But, little child, would you even be in trouble with Kimberly if you hadn’t been goofing off in the first place? No, I think NOT.

Now all you corporate folks out there….does anyone throw anything in your face? Hmmmmm?

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