Read, Relax, Enjoy…


Tales of Substitution, is an outlet for the substitutes of the public education system across the country.  It is a place to vent. It is a place to ponder.  It is a place to reflect, to hope, to dream, to wonder.  It’s full of tales of laughter, tales of sorrow, tales of such utter frustration that it was just imperative to write them all down.

Lately I have felt the need to write a disclaimer.  I find it sad, but alas it is a necessary evil…so here it goes.

Disclaimer: This is a space where I plan on reflecting and sharing my experiences.  There is never a student or district that is referred to by their legal name.  Any similarity is purely coincidental. I have no sponsor. My posts, my reflections (as well as those of my colleagues), do not represent my employer’s opinion, this is my blog.  That being said, I do believe that all teachers need a place to vent.  We need a place to celebrate the lessons and teachings that went beautifully, and we also need a place to talk about the days that went so horribly wrong it becomes comical.  It helps to hear the war stories just as much as the tales of triumph.

Read, relax, enjoy….and commiserate with your fellow subs.


Ms. Sub


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