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A student mooned my colleague and I today.

Where’s the parent accountability for THAT?

(Cause when the principal called, the phone call was screened and ignored.)


Ms. Sub

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Hello beautiful people,

I had an interesting subbing assignment this week, I had to cover middle school ESL classes.

Teaching middle school is hard enough.

SUBBING middle school is even harder.

ESL AT THE MIDDLE SCHOOL LEVEL????? Well, it’s just cruel.

I actually started the day off bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  Work was going well these week, I was even HAPPY to have an extra school assignment, eager to tackle the day. It was first period, and I was writing my name on the board.  The students were being typical pre-pubescent teenagers, and pretending not to notice or understand that I was attempting to start class.

Finally, I got their attention.

I introduced myself.

They asked me what my name was.

I introduced myself again.

They continued to say things to me, many of them yelling in Spanish and English.

Then, one of the students, we’ll call him Mark, who was sitting in the front row, said:

“Her name is Ms. Mierda.”


For those of you who still need a translation, MIERDA is the word for SH*T in Spanish.

Yes, you got that right….I was called MS. SH*T by a twelve-year-old at 7:30 am.

What a way to start the day.


Ms. Sub


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The week from hell has a new meaning…

Hello Beautiful People,

I promised I’d update you on the horrendous week I had, and, well, here goes it. As many of you know, I had a student light a pencil on fire.  If this does not ring a bell with you, please refer to our FIRE entry. IN ADDITION to children lighting objects on fire for no apparent reason, I had a student call me a “stupid b##ch” on Monday, and, on Wednesday, I was told, “f%$k you”.

Isn’t that NICE?


I’m not going to sit here and rant about my students, that is not my attention.  Children will always lash out, that’s why they’re CHILDREN.

I WILL rant about the reaction that I got from my co-workers:

“Oh, he always calls me that.”

“Oh, he says that all the time.”

“I mean, it’s an “alternative” program, what do you expect?”

WHAT DO I EXPECT?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!?

I’ll tell you what I expect. I expect us to teach them what their parents apparently didn’t.  I expect us to teach them the RIGHT WAY TO TALK TO PEOPLE.  I expect us, to at LEAST TRY to right the wrongs here. That’s what I expect.  I don’t care if I’m teaching in an alternative school, regular school, college…I don’t care if they’re receiving their education in JAIL.  I expect us to educate, and to teach right from wrong.  That’s what I expect, and that is what I will do, despite the eye-rolling I get from those around me.  They’ll ask me why I bother…and do you KNOW WHAT MY RESPONSE WILL BE?

……..because I’m a teacher. 


Ms. Sub


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OWS…Food for thought…

I’ve been reading some rather disturbing posts by people on Facebook regarding the Occupy Wall Street movement, and, I just cannot keep my mouth shut anymore.  The folks down on Occupy Wall Street are fighting for a cause that the believe in.  They’re not expecting hand outs, they’re expecting to do their jobs well, and get the appropriate compensation.  Is that too much to ask? Really?  This isn’t, nor should it be a Republican vs. Democrat issue…when you get down to it, it’s about money.  And it REALLY irks me when I see teachers, law enforcement folk, government folk, or any other union person, condemning the OWS movements.  Here’s a clue, they’re fighting to protect your jobs, your hard work, your paychecks.  Think about that before you propagate hate speech for the OWS people.

But, the bottom line is thus – nothing is going to get accomplished until everyone can listen to each other, learn from each other, and work with one another.  We’re the United States of America, we should not be fighting each other – we’re better than that.


“And that isn’t the purpose of government. The purpose of government is exactly the opposite. The purpose of government is to protect our liberties.” – RON PAUL

Perhaps if we all stopped trying to beat each other for a moment, we could ACTUALLY GET SOMEWHERE.


Ms. Sub

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Certification, Shmertification

I have a friend, who was a leave replacement for a Special Education teacher last year.  She, while is an EXCELLENT teacher, does not actually possess a special education “certification”. She did an outstanding job with the students, despite being practically bullied into the position.

Fast forward to this year…

There is a teacher assistant position open, within a Special Education classroom.  The district puts her through a somewhat torturous interview, only to tell her that she can’t have the job because she does not possess the special education certification.  Did someone get amnesia since last year?  What happened when she was the actually TEACHER in the room?  She still didn’t possess the certification, and yet it was easier for them just to slip her into that spot.  ISN’T IT AMAZING how the administration does what is convenient for them?

“You can’t put students first, if you put teachers last.”


Ms. Sub

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The following post was sparked by a photograph I saw on Facebook, which I found to be infuriating..I’ve attached the photograph in the post. Forgive the venom. 

It’s amazing to me the ignorance of people out there.  And, it’s amazing to me that those who work on Wall Street believe they deserve a gold star…for…what exactly? Making money off of other people’smoney? Congrats!

I’ve never been one to bash the other professions. I don’t pretend I am a stockbroker. I don’t pretend I am a banker.  I don’t belong on Wall Street.  And those of you on Wall Street? Well, you sure as hell do not belong IN A CLASSROOM.  You are Wall Street, but let’s clarify something right now…YOUR JOB is to make money off of others, because it’s their money, their companies, their ideas, THEIR HARD WORK.  You just play with it…you water the plant, you give it sunlight, you throw some fertilizer on it.  But it’s not your seed.

To the author of the flyer in question,

Yes, you are incapable of teaching third graders.  Teaching involves having a soul, and clearly you do not have one.  Teaching involves passion, compassion, and actually listening to the people who you are dealing with. When you student makes you angry, you cannot FIRE THEM. When you LIE, there are repercussions.  When you make a mistake, you own it, you don’t try passing the buck, nor do you start attacking other professions. There is a thing in educational settings called the honor system…I don’t know if they’ve heard of it where YOU work.

The mere fact that you scoff at the fact that we are indeed shaping the young minds of America is proof enough that you should never step foot in a classroom.  And our job is so beyond the classroom.  I bring my work home, and I don’t get paid for it.  If I go GOLF DURING THE WORK WEEK, well, it BETTER be summertime.  There are no such things as nap rooms in my place of work. I don’t get paid to take people out to dinner.  There is no such thing as pizza Friday’s.  I don’t see dollar signs, I see people.



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Hard work? Who cares…

In the disaster district, there is a biology teacher.  He has been with the school district for three years, giving his time, love, and dedication to the district.

Technically, he was only a “teacher’s assistant”, but let me tell you, he put in more time than half of the tenured teachers at the school.


There was a probationary biology position, for a teacher had to take an unexpected leave.

One would expect that it would go to this stellar teacher, or, should the administrations persona and said teacher not jive, it would certainly go to one of the THREE PERMANENT SUBSTITUTES THAT HAVE BEEN WORKING IN THE DISTRICT FOR THREE YEARS…right?


The administration squad hired an entirely new person, a person out of district.

Loyalty is dead.


Ms. Sub

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