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Certification, Shmertification

I have a friend, who was a leave replacement for a Special Education teacher last year.  She, while is an EXCELLENT teacher, does not actually possess a special education “certification”. She did an outstanding job with the students, despite being practically bullied into the position.

Fast forward to this year…

There is a teacher assistant position open, within a Special Education classroom.  The district puts her through a somewhat torturous interview, only to tell her that she can’t have the job because she does not possess the special education certification.  Did someone get amnesia since last year?  What happened when she was the actually TEACHER in the room?  She still didn’t possess the certification, and yet it was easier for them just to slip her into that spot.  ISN’T IT AMAZING how the administration does what is convenient for them?

“You can’t put students first, if you put teachers last.”


Ms. Sub


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Hard work? Who cares…

In the disaster district, there is a biology teacher.  He has been with the school district for three years, giving his time, love, and dedication to the district.

Technically, he was only a “teacher’s assistant”, but let me tell you, he put in more time than half of the tenured teachers at the school.


There was a probationary biology position, for a teacher had to take an unexpected leave.

One would expect that it would go to this stellar teacher, or, should the administrations persona and said teacher not jive, it would certainly go to one of the THREE PERMANENT SUBSTITUTES THAT HAVE BEEN WORKING IN THE DISTRICT FOR THREE YEARS…right?


The administration squad hired an entirely new person, a person out of district.

Loyalty is dead.


Ms. Sub

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Lay off, spend more?

The disaster district strikes again.


  • They excess 27 Faculty members, (to save money)
  • They cut after school activities budgets, (to save money)
  • They do not let substitutes start working until two weeks into the school year, (to save money)
Newest update:
  • They install a state of the art finger print scanner when faculty and staff sign into the building at 6,000 a piece to….to…to…(TO DO WHAT EXACTLY?)
Pure genius.
Ms. Sub

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Disaster District Strikes AGAIN

A 35-year-old arts program.

A program that has given countless students an outlet, a new look on life, and, the passion and the drive in the careers that they hold now.

It is a program that was built with love, care, and the type of dedication that people DO NOT HAVE ANYMORE.

And what happens when the Administrative Sharks sink their teeth into the program?

Well, it is very reminiscent of Jaws.

and The Letter of Doom, Gloom, and Utter Insanity…


 ….We’re DOWN, we’re BLEEDING, and you kick us in the GUT…

Not ONLY did they give the community false hope of keeping the program alive WITH THE BEST CANDIDATE FOR THE POSITION, (in phone conversations, letters, and Board of Education meetings), they also decided to completely bypass the creator of the program, and not involve him the hiring process.  They decided to flex their administrative muscles, and show that, they do not actually have to listen to recommended advice.  Rather than hire the people that would benefit the STUDENTS and THE PROGRAM, they just did whatever made them happy.  Just. For. Shits. AND. GIGGLES.

Can you spell I-D-I-O-T-S? Because dear friends, I don’t believe these sharks can.


Ms. Sub

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We’re DOWN, we’re BLEEDING, and you kick us in the GUT…

May I refer you to The Letter of Doom, Gloom, and utter INSANITY.

Two colleagues of mine, were unable to attend the “informal interview”, due to, oh, I don’t know…SUMMER VACATION PLANS.  They rescheduled for the following week.  These are substitutes that have been with the district for years.  These are substitutes that have NEVER complained, NEVER vented, two substitutes that the students adore, admire, and RESPECT.

Today, they received a phone call from middle administration, telling them that they would not be getting their jobs up.  According to Principal X, “The Superintendents would like fresh faces in the schools.”


Just when I thought I couldn’t be anymore disgusted than I already am….this happens.

Sub B and D you’re wonderful. You’re fantastic. Just know that, some things, are a blessing in disguise.


Ms. Sub

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The Letter of Doom, Gloom, and UTTER INSANITY

Dear Substitute,
(We use the word substitute because it will take too much ink and money to actually spell out your last name)

It is now August, and we hope your summer was good.  Even though we, as an administration, never acknowledged your hard work all year, left you out of the long list of “thank-you’s” that we gave to the entire faculty AND STAFF of the whole building at the end of the year meeting, we’re writing to you now.

We are writing to you, now, at the beginning of August for a very specific reason.

Even though you have worked for our district for the past three years, even though you have been walked on, and underappreciated, and have been treated as though you are an insignificant fly on the wall of the school, we are mandating that you come in for an interview.

Bring your portfolio. Wear your best shoes. And be prepared to beg for your job back.

It makes us happy to see you squirm.

Yours Truly,

Your Administration

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Must. Visit. NYCATR. Now. Quick.  DO IT. CLICK IT. 

Kudos to you ATR!


Ms. Sub

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