Certification, Shmertification

I have a friend, who was a leave replacement for a Special Education teacher last year.  She, while is an EXCELLENT teacher, does not actually possess a special education “certification”. She did an outstanding job with the students, despite being practically bullied into the position.

Fast forward to this year…

There is a teacher assistant position open, within a Special Education classroom.  The district puts her through a somewhat torturous interview, only to tell her that she can’t have the job because she does not possess the special education certification.  Did someone get amnesia since last year?  What happened when she was the actually TEACHER in the room?  She still didn’t possess the certification, and yet it was easier for them just to slip her into that spot.  ISN’T IT AMAZING how the administration does what is convenient for them?

“You can’t put students first, if you put teachers last.”


Ms. Sub


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