The following post was sparked by a photograph I saw on Facebook, which I found to be infuriating..I’ve attached the photograph in the post. Forgive the venom. 

It’s amazing to me the ignorance of people out there.  And, it’s amazing to me that those who work on Wall Street believe they deserve a gold star…for…what exactly? Making money off of other people’smoney? Congrats!

I’ve never been one to bash the other professions. I don’t pretend I am a stockbroker. I don’t pretend I am a banker.  I don’t belong on Wall Street.  And those of you on Wall Street? Well, you sure as hell do not belong IN A CLASSROOM.  You are Wall Street, but let’s clarify something right now…YOUR JOB is to make money off of others, because it’s their money, their companies, their ideas, THEIR HARD WORK.  You just play with it…you water the plant, you give it sunlight, you throw some fertilizer on it.  But it’s not your seed.

To the author of the flyer in question,

Yes, you are incapable of teaching third graders.  Teaching involves having a soul, and clearly you do not have one.  Teaching involves passion, compassion, and actually listening to the people who you are dealing with. When you student makes you angry, you cannot FIRE THEM. When you LIE, there are repercussions.  When you make a mistake, you own it, you don’t try passing the buck, nor do you start attacking other professions. There is a thing in educational settings called the honor system…I don’t know if they’ve heard of it where YOU work.

The mere fact that you scoff at the fact that we are indeed shaping the young minds of America is proof enough that you should never step foot in a classroom.  And our job is so beyond the classroom.  I bring my work home, and I don’t get paid for it.  If I go GOLF DURING THE WORK WEEK, well, it BETTER be summertime.  There are no such things as nap rooms in my place of work. I don’t get paid to take people out to dinner.  There is no such thing as pizza Friday’s.  I don’t see dollar signs, I see people.




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