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– noun

Jean shorts that are popular with young females, but they are so short that they should be sold as underwear, not shorts. Please see photo below.


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“You’re white, blonde, and Greek…so stop it.”

There is a new student in the substitute field.

She’s young…

8th GRADE.

She yells obscenities…

….sexual obscenities.

About s*cking male genetalia.

Horrifying, I know.

And yet, the other day…while screaming at a teacher, “talking slang”, throwing hand gestures as if she’s the female 50 Cent, acting as if she’s in the ghetto, (although she’s never SEEN an actual ghetto), a colleague of mine, who also happens to be African-American says…

“STOP. Jenny, just stop. You’re white, you’re blonde, you’re Greek, so just STOP IT.”

To the Divine Ms. Drann..

I heart you.

“Love to my peeps,”

The Sub

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