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Attack of the Johnny…

Some of you may remember Johnny.  He’s the lovely little Chuckie wannabe that inspired this whole blog.


Johnny made an appearance in the library the other day.  He was with his whole class.  And when his teacher told him that they had to move into the gymnasium for the assembly he said,

“No Ms. Williams. I’m not going.  I’m staying right here, and you can’t make me go ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So fuck it!”

———> insert toothy, maniacal, mouth full of braces, tongue wiggling grin here.


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It amazes me all the things chidlren can occupy themsevles with in a computer lab.
Who knew rolling computer chairs could provide endless hours of entertainment????
I must’ve said:
“Don’t go on You Tube
Stop play computer games.
….a thousand times.

It also amazes me, when, a student will have a computer problem.  The computer will be frozen, locked, or will not turn on. There are THREE UNOCCUPIED COMPUTERS next to said student, and yet, they will ask…
“What do I do?”



Really people?

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Notice the feces consumption...and yes, this was a HIGH SCHOOL ENGLISH CLASS.

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I smell a rat…

Normally….these posts are about kids.  But, I had a fellow teacher report me, because I checked my email on my cell phone…while the kids were listening to  a guest lecturer.

I didn’t realize it was a crime.

Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer…..

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It’s been some times since I have had the pleasure of working the ISS room dear friends.  And, no, it does not stand for In School Socialization, but rather it is supposed to be the acronym for IN SCHOOL SUSPENSION.  One would think that it’s a form of punishment, yes?


I walked in sixth period, and there were four students,two girls and two boys.

The boys were completing the work that was assigned to them from their teachers.

The girls were doing work….along with have a junk food fest.  I’m talking chips, bottles of soda, bags of candy…it was like a diabetic’s nightmare. BUT, they were doing work, quietly.  Fine.

Fast forward….


They are supposed to be completing a vocabulary test.

I give them the test….tell them to sit on opposite sides of the room…and complete it.

The response?

“I’m not doing that.”

No? Ok fine, I guess you get a zero.  The response?

“Fine give it to me.” Boy #1 Then proceeded to HAND IT TO ONE OF THE GIRLS AND ASK HER TO DO IT FOR HIM.

Scary part? She did.

And after the incredulous stares, the warnings, the recommendations to STOP CHEATING AND DO IT SOLO….

They continued to cheat.

Sometimes I wonder if I speak English….

Anyway, I spoke to the teacher, and they got a zero.

Sad part? I don’t think they’ll learn from their mistakes….

* During this time…another boy was brought in by security.

I asked him, where are you supposed to be? Business marketing.

Why aren’t you there?

I’m not going to class, I hate it.

So what, you just came here, to the suspension room, ON YOUR OWN?

Well, yeah, I mean, security knows to bring me here, cause I just won’t go to class.


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I am afraid…

Sometimes, I go to work, and I become fearful for the younger generations.

I worry…

I am fearful…

I am afraid.

I am afraid that teenagers don’t know how to be young.

I am afraid that teenagers try to grow up before they are supposed to.

I am afraid that teenagers do not know the value of politeness.

I am afraid that teenagers do not know what to value means.

I am afraid that teenagers do not know what they have.

I am afraid that teenagers think that that they think that they know it all.

…..they dont.

I am worried that they do not care to be educated.

I am worried that they do not care to dream.

I am worried that they do not care to aspire.

I am worried that they do not care.

I am worried.


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Senior Artists.


Like I said…a picture says a thousand words.

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