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Human Goal

I will make this short and sweet.

Imagine you’re given a lunch duty period.

…in the junior high.

…in the morning.

You’re talking to one of your other students, having one of those pictureqsue teacher moments.  Life is good.


You turn, and, there you see it.


You shout…..


Don’t worry Ms. G, don’t worry. I’m the goal for the game!

GET UP FRANKIE!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Courtesy of Ms. Lynne….

Grade level: 8th

Subject matter: English

Assignment given: Read story out of textbook. Answer questions.

Piece of cake, yes?


After Ms. Lynne gives the assignment and walks back to her desk….one of the boys immediately raises his hand.

“Ummmmm Ms. Lynne, I think I need a new book.”

Ms. Lynne walks over to the book, sees that it has been defaced with a variety of genital drawings, and gives the student a new book.  As she is walking away from the desk, the student says,” I don’t understand why people always draw b@lls with hair on them….mine have none.”

I do believe Ms. Lynne just gained some more gray hair.


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Sometimes, a picture says a thousand words.


Courtesy of Ms. K….

Notice the diagram next to the writing...lovely kids, lovely.

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Superman Isn’t Supposed to Die.

Forgive me friends, for I have not written in some time…. 

Yesterday  was Valentine’s Day, and although it was a holiday, in light of recent events it seemed appropriate to take a pause…

We lost a student yesterday.

A young life gone in an instant, just like that. It seems to me that death is always tough, but when it is a child, well, it just hurts the hearts of those around him or her just a little bit more.  You start to think of all the things that they could have been, would’ve been, and what should have happened.

It makes me wonder if we, as adults are doing something wrong.  It makes me wonder why it seems to me like the children of the younger generation are so hard, it makes me wonder why they feel like they have to grow up so quickly, to experiment so recklessly, to live so fearlessly.  It makes me wonder.

He should have lived to the age where it was legal to drink.

He should have lived to graduate high school with the rest of his class.

He should have lived to get married.

He should have lived to have his own kids.

He should have lived to do the things he dreamed of doing.

He should have lived to get the chance to fail.

He should have lived to get the chance to succeed.

He should have lived to experience it all.

He should have lived.


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SnOw DaY

Here’s the thing about snow days for subs…

Many teachers, principals, administrators, many students, many people, enjoy a SNOW DAY.

A pleasant little surprise in the middle of the work week.

A cozy day on the couch, watching movies.

Many people enjoy this….because they ALSO GET PAID.

Do substitutes get paid for this gift of nature?

Absolutely NOT.

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Ms. R

My dear sweet friend, and fellow substitute, Ms. R had an interesting experience today, that I thought many of you would find amusing.

I was heating up my lunch in the locker room, and she bursts through the door….

“OK, tell me what you think I should do…”


“So, Johnny just came into the class, and pretended like he had no  pants on.”

“Lovely! Johnny also just stole a chair from the 76 year old hall monitor.”

“Write him up?”

“Write it up.”


No pants, stealing chairs, what’s next kids, what’s next…..?

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Today was a lovely day.

Fast forward to ninth period…where I only had two students, (the rest were on a field trip).  Easy breezy….right?

The first student, Kristina, gets there and IMMEDIATELY asks to go to the cafeteria.

“Ms. M….I’m DYING of thirst! I’m DYING of hunger! I don’t have a lunch period, I NEED to go to the cafeteria. Or else…I’ll DIE!,” Kristina says.

As I walk to the computer to take attedance to pull up her schedule, I ask her, “Kristina, you don’t have a lunch period? Really? HOW COME?

Clearly the kid sees that I’m looking at her schedule.  And, it clearly states that she DOES have a lunch period, in bold faced print.

Panicing, she tells me, “Well I mean, I do actually have a lunch period, I just never go because I’m going to extra help all the time.  Like today, I went to see Ms. Fiesti.”

Little does she know, that I KNOW that Ms. Fiesti WAS NOT IN SCHOOL TODAY.  A friend and fellow sub, WAS COVERING HER CLASSES.

“Really Kristina?  You were at Ms. Fiesti’s for extra help? Are you sure about that? Are you REALLY SURE ABOUT THAT? Why don’t we walk to the computer lab, LIKE WE WERE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING BEFORE YOU TRIED TO GET OUT OF CLASS, and you can think long and hard about whether or not you were REALLY with Ms. Fiesti.”

Nice try…..but we adults, we always catch you…that’s why WE’RE THE TEACHERS.


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