The Chant

I have a sincere admiration for Home and Careers teachers.  Generally speaking, the classes within that discipline tend to be atrocious.  Why? I have absolutely no idea. Anyway….

I was covering for a home economics class, and it was the eighth period of the day.  Already, the time of day was working against me. The students were also in seventh grade. Strike TWO.

They were…rambuncious to say the least.  But alas, that is to be expected from seventh graders.  Anyway, trying to get them to focus was unbelievably difficult.  They had a health test ninth period, on the male and female anatomy parts.  GREAT RIGHT? So some cherubic male student decided to start chanting the body parts, (in an effort to help them study of course).

Students: PENIS!!! PENIS!!!! PENIS!!!!

Myself: Ladies and Gentleman, that’s enough.


Myself: I SAID that’s enough!!!!

What exactly happened to make them stop? THE DEAN OF DISCIPLINE WALKED INTO THE ROOM THEY WERE BEING THAT LOUD. And, for all you un-tenured teachers out there, you know that this is absolutely mortifying, horrible, and just down right humiliating. Thank GOD I was already standing at the front of the room, and trying to quiet them down.  Needless to say, after the Dean left, I was not a happy camper.

Tell me friends, does this remind you of one of your own experiences?


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