Day 1, a million years ago….

Time: 2 years ago.

Month: September.

Class: Ninth grade spanish

Period: 1

Student A: So, um, do you like want to be a real teacher one day?

Me: Excuse me? I AM a real teacher.

Student A: No I mean, not like a substitute. Like, a REAL teacher.

Me: Substitutes ARE real teachers. Nobody goes to school to be a SUBSTITUTE!!!!


Later on, the same day…

Period 3

Class: Self-Contained Mathematics

Student A is shooting the stapler at Student B.

Student C, while dangling a bottle of Purel over my head: Wouldn’t it be funny if this got all over your hair?

Me:  No, no it wouldn’t. SIT DOWN NOW.  Now, we have to do the work that Mr. N left for you.

Entire Class: We don’t fucking do work. There’s a sub. DUH…



And that was just the beginning…



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